Cosmetology reform in Ohio

House Bill 189 & Senate Bill 129

The beauty salon industry in Ohio is growing and vibrant


generated in annual sales, contributing to Ohio job growth.


salon industry establishments. A majority of beauty and cosmetology salons are considered local small businesses.


employment opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs.

Not only does Ohio’s salon industry provide employment opportunities in a challenging economic environment, it also gives individuals of all backgrounds the ability to start their own businesses.

Minority-owned Businesses in Ohio


of salon businesses are owned by minorities.


of all private sector businesses are owned by minorities.

Women-owned Businesses in Ohio


of salon businesses are owned by women.


of all private sector businesses are owned by women.

Ohio's salon industry by state senate district

Ohio’s salon industry is in every congressional district. Cosmetologists interact with almost every constituent in the state of Ohio.

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Newly introduced legislation HB 189 and SB 129 address overburdensome cosmetology licensing laws. The legislation focuses on student success, allowing new graduates to enter the beauty industry with less debt and the ability to repay student loans. HB 189 and SB 129 will facilitate the workforce development pipeline for salons, as well as foster entrepreneurship, making it easier for licensed professionals to start their own businesses.

Common, sensible licensing standards are crucial to sustaining growth for our industry and protecting public safety. The Ohio Salon Association’s reform package is a strong example of reasonable legislation that directly addresses concerns of the over-regulation of state-mandated occupational licensing laws. This reform package will create meaningful changes to archaic cosmetology licensing laws that desperately need reform.

Here's what reform looks like

Guarantee License Mobility

One Standardized National Exam

Authorize Distance Learning

Pre-graduate Testing

Eliminate Specialty Licenses

Lower requirement for licensure hours

will you protect our industry?